Clinical Office Technician


The Clinical Office Technician Program [ CIP Code: 510801 ] at Plenum Institute prepares students for work in health care settings in which they will perform multiple patient care practices, including taking blood, administering electrocardiograms (EKG), and measuring glucose levels.
This Integrated Program is designed especially for non-traditional, adult students facing economic and educational disadvantages that can impede completion of this rigorous professional course of study. It helps undeserved populations develop basic educational and vocational skills simultaneously in order to move into careers that lead to better paying jobs.
A majority of students have no previous healthcare work experience, but use this training program as a gateway into the profession. Students complete an intensive pre-training before taking Medical Terminology, EKG and Phlebotomy classes, which are complemented by an academic support course and an internship in the field.
Course Content: (270 Hours)
PHL101   :  Phlebotomy 40 Hours
EKG 101 : EKG 40 Hours
CLP 101 : Clinical office Procedures 40 Hours
MDT 101:  Medical Terminology 20 Hours
ANP 101 : Anatomy and Physiology 20 Hours
CMA 101:  Nursing Skills 20 Hours
EXT 101 : Externship 60 Hours
Total Hours 270 Hours
Phlebotomy, EKG, Patient Care Technician, Medical Assistant and ESL classes are starting SOON.
Scholarship upto 30% is available for Phlebotomy and EKG classes.

Scholarships are available for all other classes.

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