What is the admission procedure???

Applicants must meet the following requirements to be admitted to the Plenum Institute: ·
1. You may schedule an appointment by phone or email at Plenum Institute for a personal counseling. ·
2. you are under 18 years of age, a parent or guardian should be present during the counseling ·
3. Complete the inquiry form and submit it to the Admission Office. ·
4. Submit official transcript, diploma, or recognized equivalent confirming minimum High School Graduation or GED. The school will consider a non-high school graduate for enrollment if they exhibit and possess the Ability-To-Benefit from the education and training offered, and have met all other standards for admissions for short program.
5. Students who have graduated from a foreign high school but sworn statement indicating they are a foreign high school graduate. They are required to provide a copy of the diploma, translated in English but if this is not possible, the signed sworn statement will suffice.
6. Once accepted to the program, a student must complete an Enrollment Agreement; provide a copy of their Non photo ID (such as Social Security Card, 4 digit) and Photo ID (such as Driver’s License/Passport) and to complete all necessary paperwork.
7. Student who needs to apply for financial assistance must meet to the financial aid adviser.

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